Robinhood Checking & Savings

Earn 3% on your money. Pay no fees.


Whether you keep your money in checking or savings, you’ll get the same 3% on every dollar. That’s an extra $240 every year for the average American with $8,000 in the bank.

With Robinhood, you get more for your money—starting with the very first dollar.

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Tyler Makin
Joao Mainardes
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  • Tyler Makin
    Tyler MakinFounder, Makin Automotive Software

    3% interest for a checking account and no account fee, awesome!


    Your money is not insured by SIPC or FDIC

    Awesome concept, but this is a bank account without protection. Although Robinhood claims these accounts will be SIPC-insured, the head of the SIPC says they are not:

    PS: SIPC is like FDIC but for the balance held in a brokerage account intended for purchasing securities. Different agency, different protections, and apparently not covering Robinhood who is trying to game the system. Hopefully they can figure this out, I am excited for a Robinhood bank account!

    Tyler Makin has never used this product.