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Baiju Bhatt
@bprafulkumar · Chief Mouser, Robinhood
Hey everyone! We're honored and humbled by the nomination. The team at Robinhood has been working it's collective tail off over the last year, taking only short breaks for tuna and catnip, as we try to build the best trading experience. Meow!
Yasser Ansari@urbanorganism ·
@bprafulkumar meow!
Bridget McGraw@mcgrawbridget · Enchanted Book Inventor
@bprafulkumar While you've been working your tails off it looks like we (the Product Hunt community) been wagging our tails. Congratulations on the Golden Kitty Award!
Vladimir Tenev
Thanks @goldenkittymeow ... it's a great honor to be nominated for this award! We love cats and ProductHunt at Robinhood
Anna Roubos@annaroubos · Public Relations Consultant
You know what's sexy? Being one of just three apps to appear in both Google AND Apple's top apps of 2015 lists. :D
Ivo Sabev@ivosabev · Founder of
I wish you had this in Bulgaria 🙁
Vladimir Tenev
@ivosabev I am Bulgarian -- stay tuned for updates on our international expansion :D
Ivo Sabev@ivosabev · Founder of
@vladtenev @ivosabev Glad to hear we are everywhere :D
Golden Kitty Awards
@goldenkittymeow · Golden Kitty Awards are happening Meow!
This product has been nominated for the Golden Kitty Award of Sexiest Product of the Year! Cast your vote before Sunday December 20th at 5pm PST and see the full list of nominees here. Congrats @thejgr @bprafulkumar @vladtenev @realjoebinney @zanebev