Robin, by Reddit

Humans make connections. Sometimes they grow, stay, collapse

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It's... a metaphor for life? You meet people, connections can grow or collapse. Eventually, nothing matters and it has to end.
@abnux that's deep
@rrhoover you start chatting with another redditor right?
@rrhoover What more do you need to know, friend?
I have no comment on this year's Reddit April Fool's joke, but I thought it'd be a good time to shamelessly link to a great interview given by the Snoos behind The Button (last year's April Fool's stunt).
This is cool! Although I suspect you may have conditioned button aversion in some folks after last year's experiment. :P
@jeremyyamaguchi Understandable....but not excusable ;)
Another button... another mystery... Thank god you released this on a Friday. There goes the rest of my productivity...