A simple way to reserve or buy tickets to concerts via chat.

Robin is building an AI-powered personal concierge that reserves and secures tickets to your favorite live events and experiences - entirely on your behalf. Engage via chat and SMS. No app to download, no browsing required. The team at Robin brings relevant experience from Songkick. Ecobee and Lyricfind and were recently part of Techsters LA (2017)

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Used Robin dozens of times—never let me down. By far the smartest way to get tickets. And AMAZING customer service.
Cool app ! I wonder, is it competitive for the kind of concerts / events that sells out in minutes ?
@louise_colu Thanks for the kind words. We try to help fans get tickets to all events - both high demand shows and lower demand events. Try it out!
@adamallaccess Cool thanks for the answer ! Also I saw that it was in the category "artificial intelligence" I am curious how do you use AI to improve your product ?
Kudos from #TSLondon17. Loved the concept, hope to use it one day for my beloved Kings of Leon <3
Oh it is great! So cool)