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Instant Websites for YouTube Creators


We’ve been working hard to bring you RIVYT v3...

DESIGNS: Our growing library now features 17 design options + custom CSS controls.

SHOPPING CART: List and sell products via PayPal cart or any other linked shop.

PROFILES: Add multiple profiles (e.g. ”Cast & Crew”) including a profile photo, bio and link.

NEWSLETTER: Easily integrate your MailChimp-powered newsletter to get more subscribers.

We‘ve also revised the entire site generation process making it even easier to find your channel and generate a new site in just about 20 seconds right from our landing page.

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Youtuber | 3D Printing | Influencer

I absolutely love this service. As a youtuber I was struggling to build a website that really helped promote my videos/brand etc. I was so happy when I found these guys and this product here a few months back on Producthunt. They have added a ton of new themes and are always welcome to new feature suggestions to the site.

You can now get started with a site in just a few seconds. It's amazingly easy to use and a must for a Youtuber of anysize


Crazy crazy easy to get started and use, they are constantly added new features and themes, they love community feedback



Designer + Indie-maker
*jazz hands*
Youtuber | 3D Printing | Influencer
Forgot to include a link to my site. 👇 http://unclejessy.com/
Software Engineer

nice one


- provides web platform for youtubers

- easy to create


need more customization options

Product Manager; Entrepreneur

Having a website increases your footprint on the web and becomes another channel for people to discover your content. It's proven to increase your audience. And RIVYT makes it easy to do that.

YouTube metrics (views, watch-time, et al) are the bread-and-butter for a content creator. And if those metrics are not harmonised between the website and YouTube, it's a bit of a deal-breaker. But that's unknown here.


- Slick sign up process if you have a YouTube channel

- Easy to customise the look and feel.

- Templates are responsive to all form-factors.


Unsure whether video views via the site are are synchronised with those on YouTube.