A minimalist way to view and share YouTube videos

A simple way to share & view YouTube videos. By keeping viewers from getting lost in recommends and thumbnails, our distraction-free designs can help increase user interactions by 330%.

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This is quite cool, actually. It also presents bigger preview on Facebook as compared to sharing a YouTube URL, which could make Facebook posts more engaging.

I have been using RIVYT for months to host my website for my YouTube channel. This new functionality just takes things one step further. It allows people to experience the content without all the rubbish.


This is a great way to experience YouTube without the hinderance of Youtube itself!


None that I have found yet

Thanks, Chris!
Another beautiful looking project, congrats! I thought it might be useful to have a "Shared by" link at the bottom of the page too, so I could attach my name / avatar to the link. Also it might be cool to look at distraction free playlists at some point too. I continue to love what you guys are making!
@liammckay Thanks Liam ... will definitely keep "shared by" and playlists in mind for future updates.
Great tool - I plan to use this for YT videos I want to share during workshops as it is free from distractions!
@krishnade Thanks, Krishna!
Very nice work, will be using this to share my YouTube videos on Instagram stories using swipe-up! 🤜🤜
@sammcallister Awesome! Thanks Sam! 🤜