Submit housing requests for real estate agents to see

Ritzy is trying to change the way people find their next home, apartment... Instead of searching dozens of real estate websites, people submit their requests on ritzy and real estate agents and other professionals respond to requests with their listings.

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Nice idea! How do you plan to attract both costumer and agents?
@federicocattaneo Thanks for the feedback πŸ˜ƒ Initially we will bet on social media and word of mouth to attract customers. We also put the possibility of advertising in Quora, Facebook, etc ... to attract both costumer and agents. We believe that if there are many requests the agents will join the platform. So the main goal in the first place is to attract people looking for a new house, appartment, office... If you have any suggestions we will be very grateful πŸ™
Hello everybody, I've created Ritzy for all the people who, like me at the moment, are looking for a new house, apartment and simply do not have the time or patience to look at dozens of real estate websites. I thought to myself: It was so cool if that cold be a place where I can submit what I'm looking for and have some real estate agents working for me πŸ˜ƒ Please feel free to send us suggestions and feedback. Thanks.