RiteTag 2.0 Extensions

Instagram/Twitter hashtag suggestions from any image or text

RiteTag 2.0 suggests relevant, engaging hashtags from the images and text on your devices so you don't have to guess anymore.

  • Pros: 

    The ONLY tool that provides so much useful data to help you understand which hashtags to use, and WHY. Other tools are not data-driven.


    Still waiting on Saul to whip up some RiteKit bundles, but it's a minor grievance, since RiteTag is so powerful by itself. :)

    I've used several of the tools in the RiteKit suite, though RiteTag is the one that I just can't quit. I waffle between Buffer, Ritepush, eClincher and SmarterQueue, and I have other link shortener / CTA tools that offer what Rite.ly offers, but I haven't found another tool on the planet that offers as much useful data about hashtags as RiteTag, and honestly, I have no reason to look. :)

    Taylor Banks has used this product for one year.
  • Pros: 

    You will receive huge amount of impressions, views, connections on social media posts. Anyone can use it, works like a charm


    Great results on Twitter as compared to Facebook need to improve in that area.

    This is the first social media marketing extension I have ever used and amazed the way it works even for individual like me. If you are company or digital marketing agency you must try it.

    Jawad Hassan has used this product for one month.
I was in Japan when the big tsunami and Fukushima happened, and the fallout (I had to) was RiteTag, six years back. People were just guessing as to which hashtags would get a Tweet in front of those who were organizing to help the survivors. We saw that there was a need for a tool that took us from topic to the right hashtags: the ones which got a tweet in front of the most eyes, but relevantly. The RiteTag 1.0 extension provided a color-coded rating on hashtags you typed, which meant you had to come up with ideas for hashtags yourself. In version 2.0, of the ten features added, most significant are: - Hashtag suggestions for any image on any site or in your computer - Hashtags suggestions for words or blocks of text - The suggestions consider both semantic relevancy (using natural language processing and object detection in images) and real-time popularity of hashtags - Many usability improvements, such as search, open/close the Hashtag Bar with the browser button and more. RiteTag for Instagram and all visual networks: right-click an image in any page (or an image attached to your post/Tweet/Instagram upload), and get hashtags relevant for the image. Adding one or all hashtags is done in two clicks. RiteTag Pro includes this extension, research and data-saving on the site, and the Android and iOS apps. It's still $49/year. The free trial is for 7 days, and doesn't collect your credit card info up front. If you did a RiteTag trial recently and now cannot start a new one, please write us through the site chat with your Twitter login for your RiteKit account and we'll gladly give you a new trial. Developers & Product Managers: want to use RiteTag or RiteKit features in your web/mobile apps? Our non-techie-friendly API Demo Dashboard let's anyone test our APIs without token, registration or need to read documentation: https://ritekit.com/api-demo
@ritekit @osakasaul completely amazing. can't wait to really start putting some of the new features to work. Great job, @osakasaul and @ritekit team!
I know so many makers who try to validate startup ideas by growing a community on Twitter/ Instagram first, before they've written a single line of code. With a tool like this I can see them accelerating that process, really cool 👍🏽
@abadesi Yes, that's definitely true!
@abadesi Thank yo, Abadesi! The funny thing is, both solopreneurs and department heads at multinational corporations use RiteTag. Dead simple, and the only product that puts hashtag intel right in your workflow.
I'm super impressed by how this product has evolved over the years. Keep it up guys!
@janklimo Jan!! Long time! Thank you very much. We try and for you, I hope you'll look at our Company Logo and other APIs for Pathgator and perhaps Trustbooks. In our API Demo page, test live without API token or registration. Generous free tier and then, just $49 for 50K calls/month.
Super impressive update on RiteTag 2.0 Extensions. Well done guys! You are doing an amazing job!
Great job !! Looking forward to using it