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Hi, i'm the creator (developer, designer, and so on) of rita. I created rita because I felt the need for more creative expression in the messaging space. rita will never fully replace text messaging but I think it can replace a lot of the boring standard texts with something much more creative. For the technically interested it's build on Parse and Twilio with native android and iOS applications. I'm happy to answer any and all questions you may have!
@emilsjolander Hi. I like this, but... I'm a bit challenged when it comes to sketching. Are there any emojis or ready sketches inside the app? And is it only for sending drawings or is it good for doodling and saving the doodles for later amusement? :)
@v4violetta Glad you like it! There are no pre-generated drawings. The point is that every message is unique :) And yes this is first and foremost a messaging app but saving a doodle is as easy as taking a screenshot :)
This looks awesome, now just to find all my friends using it too! Right now it just tells my contacts to download the app have you thought of adding a screenshot of the message with that text? (Does Twilio support that?) @emilsjolander
@immatthamlin I've thought of that :) but it would increase my costs dramatically and lower the incentive for users to sign up for the service. You should be receiving a push notification when your friend has accepted your invite :)
@emilsjolander Yea i figured that it was setup currently to drive user growth, its a good method!
Not available in the Aussie appstore. Aren’t we compatible with this app?