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#4 Product of the DayFebruary 14, 2020
Become a better sleeper using 100 years of sleep science. We help you automatically track your sleep debt and circadian rhythm.
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An app I have been using for a couple of months now. Has helped me understand quite a bit about Sleep science and my own schedule. Not sure how much it has helped on an objective but I surely feel much better focused and fresh in the mornings now.
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@hrishikesh1990 thanks a ton for sharing what we're working on. Glad you're feeling much more focus and fresh in the mornings. How much sleep debt did you work down?
@jfkahn Most welcome Jeff! Love the app. I have been been able to reduce > 0.5 hrs of debt in the recent times, but it has been much higher from the beginning for sure :)
Thanks @hrishikesh1990 for hunting ❤️ We weren't expecting a hunt on valentines morning. We also decided to take down our paywall just for the day (meaning a free lifetime subscription) so instead of reading the rest of this post just go try it yourself. Since there are so many sleep apps and companies out there, thought I'd share with the community a bit more about the mission we're on at Rise. In short, we're working on making healthy sleep standard. If we had our druthers, everyone would be committed to the life-long practice of being rested. As a team, we're living in that future world of being well rested. People are nicer, healthier, more productive and all the other amazing things that come from better sleep. Imagine if the world was that way? It's that vision that drives all of us @risescience to do what we do. Our obsession with sleep started 10 years ago when @leonsass and I met in engineering school. We'd be up late at night pounding the books. We were exhausted. We started to think our sleep might have something to do with it. This was novel back in 2010😂 We got a chance to hone our sleep science knowledge with some of the top sleep scientists in the world. That good fortune led us to, in my knowledge at least, publish the first paper on sleep behavior change. The initial strong results gave us confidence that we could build technology to help regular people get more sleep amidst the ups and downs of life. So, thanks for giving us a chance to insert a piece of technology into your life that we've designed with intention. Thanks to the thousands of sleep scientists that came before us to pave the way. We owe our work to you and we stand on the shoulders of giants. Go ahead, and give it a try. If you like Rise and want more folks to find it, leave us a written review in the App Store or PlayStore. Seriously, those reviews help a ton. Lastly, let us know what you think. Feel free to ask away, we'll be perusing this until end of day. And then of course, we'll stop working because it's valentines day and we should be getting sleep💤💤
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@hrishikesh1990 @risescience @leonsass @jfkahn I downloaded the app, but how do I know that I've got the free subscription? There is not any way I can see to subscribe in the app.
@lifesmyth If you didn't go through a paywall/subscription process then you should be all set!
Congrats on the launch @nickseguin !! I'll check it out tonight :)
@seancrowe5 Thanks @seancrowe5 Let us know how it works out for you
Excellent, been looking for a better sleep app. Congrats @nickseguin! Downloaded and using.
@blinkdaddy Love it. We help you be more productive and wake up feeling refreshed by improving your sleep. Looking forward to your feedback.
One of the best sleep apps out there! And the best team on the planet to take it the distance.
Thanks @drewbeechler for your incredibly kind words.