1:1 personal (& affordable) diet coaching.

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Thanks to the PH community , we were able to get off the ground and help thousands of people achieve their health goals. To show our gratitude, we're giving a 10-day free trial (https://www.rise.us/) to the first 100 people that use the code HUNTFORHEALTH. If you want to read more about our service, Buzzfeed published a review 3 days ago: http://www.buzzfeed.com/alexkant...
@malaparte - agreed, certainly different than FGF but chasing a similar audience and purpose. And +1 re: diet which is arguably far more important than how you workout.
I was wondering if you have nutritionists who happen to be familiar with intense workouts such as Crossfit.
Has similarities to Fitocracy's new Fito Group Fitness (shared here: http://www.producthunt.co/posts/479) cc @brianmwang
The team here is pretty interesting. CEO is Dr. Sanjay Gupta's brother, Suneel Gupta, who previously was VP of Product at Groupon.