A universal secure chat app entirely under your control.


Liberate your communication!

Riot is an open source chat app built on the Matrix standard.

End-to-end encryption, choose your server (public, run your own, get your custom one on Riot brings data ownership for everyone!

2 Reviews
Lorenzo Setale
Bruno Bigras
  • Lorenzo Setale
    Lorenzo SetaleSoftware Developer

    Easy to link between multiple communities/systems (ex: Slack, Discord etc etc), it has the right features for teams and private rooms


    Encryption is a little frustrating, but new updates are coming

    I have been using Riot on Matrix for over a year with the team and it was never a problem. The app is getting better and safer and better and that is way more important than emoji updates

    Lorenzo Setale has used this product for one year.
  • Pros: 

    - open source - federated - bridges (IRC, gitter and others)


    - encryption and handling devices could be a lot better (I think they are working on it) - mobile apps don't support multiple accounts

    It's great

    Bruno Bigras has used this product for one year.