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Now we offer a holidy 15% discount, hoping you guys enjoy it! :)
Gabriel Lewis
@frewalker Happy Holidys! πŸŽ„πŸ™ƒ
@gabriel__lewis Thanks. Merry Christmas! :-)
Stephen Chip
Co-founder, Cruise.me
@frewalker What are some key differences between Extensis Suitcase Fusion 6 and RightFont 3? I've used Fusion for a long time. However, I'm thinking of switching. Price wise they are both competitive. I like that RightFont 3 uses less screen real estate and may be a bit easier to find the style of font you're looking for.
@stephenchip @frewalker In fact, we didn't learn much from Extensis Suitcase or Font Explorer X. We developed our idea indecently, and designed RightFont in an absolutely different way. We believe that designers should not waste too much time on managing fonts. We created this beautiful, lightning-fast and easy to use font app, to allow people organize fonts directly when you use them. For example, if you find a font useful when you work in Sketch, just star this font for later use, or add it to a specific list: 'Website Header Fonts'. We utilized a lot of modern technologies, such as, Dropbox Sync, Live List sync & Google Fonts. The design app (Adobe CC, Sketch , etc.) integration is also a key feature we have.
@frewalker How do you migrate the app to a different machine?
Eric Posen
Co-Founder & VP of Product at Naritiv
Seems expensive since you can manage fonts for free with the built-in OSX tools. I get that it makes it simpler, adds syncing, and ability to easily install new fonts from the cloud, but still. A free tier would be nice.
Nick GuthrieUX Designer at Alphero New Zealand
This product is really unstable for working with teams. We are operating a team repository from Bitsync. So far the customer service has been terrible and it consistently breaks. Combine this with the strange licensing system they use which operates on a machine by machine basis.
Ben Tossell
No-coder πŸ‘‰ Makerpad.co
There is a medium post outlining the new features Which include: 1. Added the ability to group fonts by families in list view. (⌘ + G to toggle) 2. Added the ability to download & sync Google Fonts collection. 3. Added the ability to sort Google fonts by popularity or font name. 4. Added the ability to import fonts by dragging fonts into RightFont window. 5. Added the option to activate fonts after imported. 6. Added the option to skip duplicate fonts when importing. 7. Hided duplicate system fonts that start with a dot by default. 8. Updated default icon for built-in font lists. 9. Fixed the TextEdit integration issue. 10. Fixed some other bugs to improve the stability. Seems that a lot has happened since RightFont 2.0 @freWalker tell us more :)
Leon Chu
Designer & Developer
@bentossell thank you for your invitation, you are so nice! Since we launched RightFont 2, we received tons of emails every day in which people request even more new & cool features. We found that people use Google Fonts a lot in their design, so we implemented the Google Fonts sync into our app, and it can even sync the popularity data with Google Font's official site. We thought this may help designers make a better decision to choose which fonts to use.
Cool app, and love the hunt! button on your site :) Any plans to create a free-to-use tier?
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