Riff Studio

Build your setlist, tweak your songs and practice!

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Riff Studio lets you build a setlist of the songs you want to practice, set their pitch and speed independently and before hand, so you can focus on playing your instrument or singing along!

Michael Leonard Rondeau
Leto Bajo Matias
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Product Pearson
Product Pearson@productpearson · Product Manager @ Property4Media
Looks like a fun app for helping to learn to sing along.
BrunoMaker@brazzi64 · Builder of Riff Studio
Pro Features are now available for Riff Studio! Floating Player Controls & Multiple Setlists, go check them out :)
BrunoMaker@brazzi64 · Builder of Riff Studio
Hey there! Riff Studio recently got a major update, introducing Bookmarks. Bookmarks can be set on a song to mark the beginning of different sections, like Verse, Chorus or Solo. These bookmarks are saved, so you can come back later and pick up practice right were you left off. They can also be fine-tuned by tapping on them, editing their names, or deleting them. A-B Loops can now be set between pairs of bookmarks, with a single tap of the AB button. The regular experience is topped to 10 bookmarks, but Unlimited Bookmarks can be unlocked as a Pro Feature. Please check it out! Excited to hear any feedback :) Bruno