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Riff is a new group chat app where all your friends can join and post!

Think group chat meets stories – but all your friends you make on Riff can view and hop into the conversation!

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Hey PH... meet Riff! Riff is a new group chat app where all your friends can join and post! Think group chat meets stories – but all your friends you make on Riff can view and hop into the conversation! The simple idea of meeting people through friends has been essential to our own personal growth – and, until now, we haven’t seen a great example of it productized. As the line between making friends in real life and online is increasingly blurred, we hope Riff is becomes a medium for creating authentic relationships. Riff is still in beta, but we’ve removed the access code requirement for now. Have at it and let us know what you think! Highlight of Riff's features: 🤳 Start a Riff with your friends to begin collaborative group story 🕵🏻‍♀️ Discover + join friends' Riffs 🤐 Create Secret Riffs for private convos 🕓 All content last for 48 hours also, hmu on Riff: http://joinriff.com/add/donnie
@donnie Congrats on the launch @donnie and @stevejang! I was lucky to jam on early versions of Q&A and loved it -- can you talk about what you learned from the early versions and how it evolved into Riff? excited to dive in. :-)
@eriktorenberg ayyyyy – we were lucky to have you! For those of you that don't know, QNA was a previous app we worked on with a similar spirit. What really changed was how we approached our organizing principle. We've been inspired by the relationships we’ve built in real life and the path we took to create them. With Riff, we've framed product decisions around those constraints.
@eriktorenberg learned that there is happy balance between the wide social exposure of big social networks & the safe comfort of messaging freely w/ photos and videos. Found that smallish groups of real friends (and the serendipity of their friends of friends) using quick videos and photos was something that early testers liked a lot. Also, ppl loved groups organized by topics like food, dogs, crypto, etc. all the critical things. ;)
@stevejang @eriktorenberg we should low key rename the Crypto riff to this.
I've been playing with the beta for a while. I like how it incorporates Houseparty's creative discovery mechanism (you discover new riffs and meet new people through your friends) and Snapchat's familiar visual story format. Question for @donnie and team: how do you see Riff evolving over time? Is it intended to be a platform to meet new people or more about communicating with your friends?
@rrhoover Thanks for kicking the tires over the summer. 100p appreciate your feedback! We think of Riff as a high school cafeteria or college dorm – a place where you spend time with your friends, but you also have the opportunity to make new friends. Hopping into someone’s Riff should feel like sitting at a lunch table or heading to movie night in your dorm's common area. You probably don't know everyone, but you're completely open to getting to know them.



Love the public Riffs with friends and strangers about everything from football to food, and private riffs for those not so public moments..


Would be great if there were more options in-app for editing photos/videos/gifs

I've been using this since the very first release and can say that the team is constantly iterating to adapt to new user behavior.


Really dig the balance between discovering what new people are doing and peeking into my friend's lives in real time.


Would love snappier filters and AR stuff

Great work guys, excited to see what is next!


Love that you can meet new people in your friends circle and discover new places to visit. Favorite channel: "Food Porn"


No AR filters ;)

haha. AR filters will come! ;)