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Networking on autopilot: intros sent straight to your inbox.


It’s too difficult to meet the right people. That’s why we built Rey, an A.I. that puts networking on autopilot. Rey works in the background, obsessing over who you should meet. When Rey finds a match, it makes an introduction over email. You’re in control — you approve every introduction.

5 Reviews
Robert Shedd
Mike Mason
Baiaman Urmatbek
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  • Robert Shedd
    Robert SheddCo-Founder & CTO at RenoFi

    Rey has been helpful at finding new & interesting people to connect with


    The frequency of intros is sporadic

    I've been testing Rey.ai for a couple of months and have enjoyed watching the product evolve. I think there's a ton of potential for tools that helping make targeted potentials that help you grow your network. Rey has a good start on this - while it would be helpful to have some additional functionality to target what intros Rey should be searching for on your behalf, already the product has made some interesting/useful connections and there's a lot ahead on the founders' roadmap. I'm excited to see where the product goes from here!

    Robert Shedd has used this product for one month.
  • Pros: 

    Rey has introduced me to interesting relevant people I wouldn't have met otherwise. It truly is networking on autopilot.


    It will need a wider reach of people to introduce me to, who align to my specific needs at the time.

    Rey has introduced me to a handful of incredibly interesting and relevant people, who I likely wouldn't have met elsewhere, in the first couple months of use. The interface is great - I get an email - if I'm interested in meeting the person, I reply - if not, I archive the email (to keep at inbox zero).

    I'm super interested to see how Rey's AI will be able to align with my specific needs. For example, if I want to shoot a video, I see videographer intros, or if I'm looking to hire a mobile dev, mobile dev's who are looking for work land in my inbox.

    Steve Aitken has used this product for one month.
  • Mike Mason
    Mike MasonDon't believe everything you think.

    Getting serendipitous intros has limitless value


    Not reys fault but people flake out on meetings. .

    Love the intros, and how magical it feels when rey emails me back after I agree to meet the match.

    Mike Mason has used this product for one month.
  • Pros: 

    Unbeatable value for my time, potential for a huge ROI


    Eventually needs a broader industry reach

    Looking forward to the continued roll-out and expansion of Rey's user network

    Serguei Kouznetsov has used this product for one year.
  • Pros: 

    Rey has already made some high value introductions for me


    Would love to see the user base grow so Rey can introduce me to many more people

    Super cool product, especially for the people like me who have little/no time to network and turn that limited time into high value introductions

    Adrian Straka has used this product for one month.