Re-imagined Youtube Music Player For Desktop (WebApp)

Many of us use Youtube to listen to music. But Youtube wasn't designed with music in mind. After some thought and too much of waiting,

I created 'Rey' - Reimagined Youtube Music player. It is live on

It works only for desktops and laptops for now.

This is so cool! The perfect way to listen to music from YouTube while working!
@divakarpranav Thanks Pranav :)
Hello Hunters, This is Sai of Rey. I love design and tech. I always look to solve problems (I face) with them. There is a major design difference with youtube for music, i.e youtube was designed for video consumption. However these days more and more people tend to use Youtube for listening to music. So the UI doesn't seem to be all intuitive for this case. I use youtube to listen to music whenever I don't find a song I like on music streaming websites and somehow I switched completely to Youtube. There must be others like me. I got fed up one day and searched for a solution that I wanted to use but none are available to my needs and likes. So, I started developing 'Rey', basically a front-end for youtube with better UI & UX for listening to music. Looking forward to your feedback, Sai.