Your bookmarks, by date, with thumbnails and instant search

Rewind displays your bookmarks filtered by date, with thumbnails and instant search. It takes one click to see the links you saved yesterday, last week, last month. It's totally free and it relies on your local bookmarks, you don't have to create an account.
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Thanks a lot for the hunt, @chrismessina! I made this extension because for many years I have been saving to my bookmarks every link I wanted to check out later, and I ended up with thousands of cool blog articles, website for products, youtube videos and so on, just waiting to be discovered again. It can feel overwhelming to open your bookmarks list and check them one by one, thanks to this extension it feels more like browsing Producthunt, Reddit, Refind and so on. Everyday you have your feed of cool links, curated by you, in the past. There are many other advantages that make me use this extension on a semi-daily basis. By the way, it's 100% free. Thank you for giving it a try!
@j_____________n This looks great! It reminds me of some of an extension I used briefly, I think it was called Freezetab? Anyway, I grabbed yours and fired it up. It seems to keep cycling through the months and years, for me. I’ll keep an eye on it though. Thank you for putting this together!
@tweetatmax Thank you for using Rewind! I don't know about Freezetab, I will check it out! I'm not sure I understand what you mean by "cycling through the months"? I'll be happy to help if it's not the expected behaviour.
@j_____________n Hey. To elaborate on what I said before: When I open the extension in Chrome, it begins to do what I can only really describe as a jump from day to day and eventually month to month. I will try and grab a screen recording of it to send you. Thanks again
@tweetatmax I've checked Freezetab and there's definitely some overlap on the problems it solves, but it seems like it's not relying on actual bookmarks? Which is a shame, because it doesn't know about the links you've saved before installing the extension, and the day you decide to uninstall it, you've lost everything you've saved with it. Please record and send away! But please also allow the extension in incognito mode and try it from there, because it may be because of another extension that messes with it.
@j_____________n Thank you, I will do!
@j_____________n Any chance of making this open-source? I think a lot of people would be more comfortable using this if they knew what was going on under the hood and how their personal data was being kept safe. Thanks for making this, looks really useful :)
@jxmesth Great question, I'd be happy to, I'm a huge open source enthusiast and I've shared many personal projects on my Github account (bouiboui) in the past, but I don't feel comfortable sharing this one yet because I feel like it's the best thing I've created so far so I'm overly attached to it, and I have big plans for it in the future, for example I'd like to get rid of the external dependencies, and I have ton of ideas for new features. I guess once I reach a bigger user base I'll feel more confident releasing it!
@jxmesth @j_____________n I go the reasoning but I won't use it until I'm sure of the privacy. I'll upvote for the work done, but still I'm not going to become a user if this will be private :) Well done and hope to see the right decisions taken in the future!
@jxmesth @claudiocodispoti I totally get it, and thanks to both of you I now understand why some users might be reluctant to use it. I'll get back to you when it happens! Thanks a lot for your feedback.
@j_____________n Thank you for you reply. I totally understand that not everyone wants to make their work open-source, especially when makers like you have worked so hard to build something that's very much needed today. And honestly that's fine as long as you have a clear privacy policy that informs users on how their data is being handled and where it's being stored. Correct me if I'm wrong but I couldn't find any of that info on Rewind's website. Thanks once again for making something amazing :)
@jxmesth That would be a good trade-off in the meantime, actually 🤔 I'm setting one up.
Hey @j_____________n, nice idea. Thanks for this, I find it very useful already. It's cool to be able to visualise my bookmarks in chronological order :-) Is there a reason you cannot pre-defne the year in search?
@le551 The biggest inspiration for this extension is Timehop, where you can see the pictures you took on this day, but throughout the past years, that's what this extension does, but with your bookmarks (and then it adds thumbnails, a search engine, and other cool features). So that's why you can't search for a specific year (yet), but that's definitely something I can add.
@j_____________n thanks for your reply :) re: Timehop, Yes I had similar thoughts when I stumbled across this. Like the concept! Good luck with it! If you ever need help testing or what not, give me a shout! Always happy to give feedback.
@le551 Thanks a lot! The feedback you gave me is already super useful, it gave me a pretty good idea that I'll try to implement very soon.
This is really awesome, thanks for this, adding syncing between devices will be the best
@joey_daniel_darko Thank you! I don't know if that's what you mean, but if you login to Chrome with your Google account, your bookmarks are synced automatically:
@j_____________n i use brave and and not chrome so i cant do that