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Thanks @bramk for posting Revue again and being super helpful and supportive this last year! ​Hey everybody, it has been over a year since ​I launched Revue as a side project on ProductHunt and decided to continue building Revue since we got so much positive feedback from you! In this year so much happened: @mmelmaslouhi joined me as CTO of Revue and we grew the product to over 10,000 users and we're currently sending out over a million emails a month. We worked really hard to improve the product and introduce new features: * Send an email whenever you like, instead of only being able to send weekly. * Import your subscribers directly from MailChimp or use a CSV file. * We've updated our Chrome extension, but also introduced a Safari extension. * Statistics to see who is opening your emails, but more importantly which links they are clicking * Added regular text items instead of only articles and images. * Integrate all your social media channels to easily add content to your newsletter (ProductHunt, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pocket, Instagram, Instapaper) * Add content from your RSS feeds * We made it easy to get more subscribers by adding Twitter Cards integration and embeddable subscribe forms * Exporting your subscribers * Team account so that you can invite other people on your team to help create the newsletter * Email scheduling * More customization (welcome message, email header) * Zapier integration * Image captions * GIF support (omg) * And this is just a part of all the updates. Today we're really excited to introduce our iPhone app that lets you easily add content on the go. Just simply tap the share icon to add anything to Revue. Thanks again and we'd love your feedback.
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@mdekuijper Sounds like one hell of a year! Very busy! What were the biggest misconceptions you thought about this project when you first started out vs what you know now?
@bentossell Yeah it's quite the ride! The biggest misconception was my expectations about how "explainable" it would be. Although it's a super simple tool, I still find myself having trouble to exactly explain what we do. No, we are not another MailChimp :)
@mdekuijper @mmelmaslouhi Today I switched from Curated and I really love Revue except few things for PRO users - those who are paying customers :) 1. I like several others use Revue as hosted domain and we do NOT want to confuse our visitors with Revue logo and links. Plus this will bounce them from our site too. Therefore, please consider removingin Revue logo in header and footer along with other links. 2. Alternately, provide the option to add our own logo. Atleast there should be an option to disable this in the short-term. NOTE: I can understand if you want to keep the above for freemium users but not for those who pay you! 3. Although this is not a show-stopper like the above - please consider adding NAME feature in the optin form (there are some niches who use NAME to personalize their emails). Thank you guys and I really hope you will consider this - I really do NOT want to go back to Curated or find any other alternate :) Cheers, Athif
I've been loving Revue ever since @mdekuijper launched it! I send out a roundup of cool new products and good reads on startups & business every week ( and it's been awesome to see how this tool has evolved. Next to major product improvements they now also have an iPhone app + awesome browser extension. @mdekuijper can tell you more!
@bramk @mdekuijper I...can'
@hienlam1 @bramk You mean @revue, right? ;) haha.
I recommend this great this great Dutch startup, we are using it now for 2 months easy to use and create a newsletter in very little time!
Add this to my list of newsletter curation tools: (ProductHunt started with this tool!)
@datarade Great, honored to be on that list.
Looks very nice. Only thing I see missing is custom domains. Any plans of adding these?
@jhondel Yes, this is definitely something we'll add in the coming months.
@jhondel was just going to ask the same thing, not sure why logo would be removed if the landing is still on revue domain - eager to see it happen - and of course, is there a letter for revue itself to keep track of these updates and changes!?
@passingnotes @jhondel Hey David, you can follow our updates here: I'll keep you posted about the progress of custom domains.
@mdekuijper nice! for the niche audience I'm dealing with, it crushes mail chimp
@passingnotes @jhondel Hey David and Jonathan, we just launched custom domains! Let me know if I can help you set up.