Revolut Beta

Spend, exchange and send money globally with no fees.


Better than your bank account.

✅ Free GBP and EUR accounts

✅ Free international money transfers

✅ Free ATM withdrawals

✅ Hold and exchange up to 26 currencies for free

✅ Spend globally with out transaction and exchange fees

✅ Buy Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ethereum

Revolut has saved 1M+ customers over $160 million in hidden fees.

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Daniel Li
Youssef Helioui
 +5 reviews
  • Patrick Wills
    Patrick WillsFounder, Earlymarket LLP

    Nice app design


    Awful onboarding for businesses

    Due to a bug in their chat software, it is impossible to get an account. A conversation ensued over Twitter in which they absolutely flatly refuse to call or be called. Transferwise and Centtrip don't seem to have any problem providing a customer support number.

    Patrick Wills has never used this product.