Turn website visitors into Facebook Messenger subscribers

Revoice gives you a landing page and a widget for your website where anyone can subscribe to you on messaging apps. If you have a Newsletter, Blog or Youtube channel we will use that, make it look good on Messenger and deliver all new content to your subscribers. You can then save your subscribers on any CRM or export as a CSV file.

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Cool stuff! Not sure about B2B products, but for B2C that might be extremely helpful. Good job!
Thanks Tony, are you going to use it? :) It's definitely useful for b2c as a better way to build a subscribers list then email.
So this is really neat, but I imagine a lot of people are concerned about being spammed. Do you make it simple to opt out of a list like mailchimp etc. do for email?
Sure, everyone has to opt-in first. Then you have an option to unsubscribe from all content or only specific content from the persistent menu on Messenger. Also, we will choose the best content that fits each user based on clicks and opens. So every subscriber will get different/best content that better fits him/her.

We've been looking for different ways to engage / build funnel on messaging. Great to have found Revoice on producthunt!!


Messaging is definitely the new lead funnel!


Depending on your audience, some might not be as much on messaging as others

Thanks Nick!
@kozkozkoz - I just installed Revoice and it was a breeze! I'm having troubling connecting my blog which has an SSL cert. When I tried http:// instead it worked. The dashboard is having trouble verifying my site as well.
Thanks Chris! I have to improve the verification code, if you have included a code as a link to hosted JS instead of just pasting it maybe it having trouble to find it.
Very useful for CRM
@jamyn thanks, glad you like it