A free tool to find content decay and help win back traffic

Animalz is building out tools to scale the knowledge they’ve accumulated from years of helping B2B SaaS blogs grow with organic traffic. Revive is a free tool that finds decaying content in your Google Analytics, then suggests posts that should be refreshed.
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9 Reviews5.0/5
The beauty of Revive is that it takes a tedious process and not only automates it for you but also gives you the results in visual and easy-to-digest representation so you can glean insights much faster. The additional suggestions of ways to refresh content make the tool immediately actionable, delivering great value.
Amazing tools that is going to save content teams a lot of time! Really excited to see how this tool evolve. What is the tech stack like? What does the roadmap look like?
@damienbrz thanks damien! it's a python/django project. we don't have a concrete roadmap just yet. we wanted to get this mvp out there, gather feedback, and then use that to set a roadmap. would love to hear if you have any specific thoughts or requests on the product!