Subscription analytics built on top of your billing system


RevenueStory gives you easy and powerful subscription analytics for business. It ties your product metrics with revenue metrics and customer behaviour. RevenueStory is built on top of your billing system in Chargebee, so you get to see how your subscriptions, product plans catalog and revenue impact each other to drive your growth.

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Dunja Lazic
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  • Bo Pedersen
    Bo Pedersenpartner, Charlotte street capital

    Cohort analysis DONE. So awesome


    Lack of filtering and drill down

    RevenueStory has fixed my main gripe with Chargebee so far. The lack of decent reporting was becoming a significant issue for us. RevenueStory goes a looog way towards fixing this. Minor issues remaining. Not sure I love the idea of paying more for a few of the more on-demand metrics. Eg why should I pay more to see LTV compared to average MRR?

    Bo Pedersen has used this product for one week.
  • Pros: 

    Streamlined, helpful for SaaS businesses


    None so far!

    We've been testing this out today (www.ranked.aI), looks awesome, go ChargeBee!

    Harry Strick has used this product for one week.
  • Matt Wheeler
    Matt WheelerCo-Founder, SportsRecruits

    everything works right out of the box


    none that I have seen

    very smart new product from these guys. Your transactions can tell a story and this product does a great job telling that story.

    Matt Wheeler has used this product for one week.