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RevenueCat makes implementing in-app subscriptions fast and easy. It wraps the SDKs, provides the backend, verifies the purchases and keeps them up-to-date so you can get back to building your app.

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Meng To
Daniel Bauke
Joe Fabisevich ™
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  • Meng To
    Meng ToDesigner

    Easy to implement, saves a lot of time and resources, good dashboard.



    We've used RevenueCat to implement our subscriptions for our Design+Code iOS app and it was a blessing for us. We saved a ton of time, resources and received valuable advice/expertise. The system takes care of all the edge cases, which is so crucial for not losing customers. Building your own in-app purchases feature is super hard to get right, so this is hugely recommended!

    Meng To has used this product for one year.
  • Daniel Bauke
    Daniel BaukeSenior iOS Engineer

    Integration is so simple that you doubt if it's complete


    Integration is too simple – you doubt if it's complete ;-)

    The product itself just works. Did I mention already you might find yourself asking "is it just that?"

    What is actually exceptional is the support. Well, it's not only support, it's more like care. We have tiny little niche app and had some issues with first Apple review and Jacob did everything he could to explain and validate all the technical issues we could face (including app setup in App Store and code review) and all the responses were almost instant (minus his sleeping time). I hope this won't pile up your inbox with too many questions, Jacob :-)

    So, I do recommend the product, but it would have probably 1/4 of value without such a great team behind it.

    Daniel Bauke has used this product for one month.
  • Joe Fabisevich ™
    Joe Fabisevich ™Founder at Picks (

    The service is amazing. Jacob is super helpful and quick to make changes to make things easier.


    Producthunt made me fill this part out but I haven’t experienced any cons.

    I’ve has nothing but a good experience with RevenueCat. Even when there were concepts I didn’t understand, or really worth making modifications for, the team has been quick to make those changes or walk me through using the products. This is a painful but essential part of my business I’m more than happy to outsource.

    Joe Fabisevich ™ has used this product for one year.
  • Kosta Eleftheriou
    Kosta EleftheriouFounder, FlickType

    Best & easiest way to implement a subscription model in your app


    Find one. I challenge you!

    The iOS SDK was trivial to integrate, and the nice folks at RevenueCat have been quick to answer any questions in the most helpful manner. Their product is solid and I can't recommend it highly enough. If you're even considering implementing the StoreKit APIs yourself instead, do yourself a huge favor and checkout RevenueCat before you go any further.

    Kosta Eleftheriou has used this product for one month.
  • Raul Perțe
    Raul PerțeDesigner · Makes iOS apps · Client's BFF

    Incredibly easy-to-use. Fast implementation.


    There are no cons, PH team.

    We're relying on RC's infrastructure to handle the subscriptions in WeatherKit. To me, RevenueCat is an extra layer of security that people can purchase subscriptions, use the app and have a good experience. That layer is invisible and it makes it incredibly easy to use & implement. If you want to build a subscription business - start with RevenueCat.

    P.S. From the moment we decided to use RC, to the moment where we were confident that this works perfectly, it took us 4 hours.

    Raul Perțe has used this product for one year.
  • Zachary Shakked
    Zachary ShakkediOS Developer

    - Makes implementing subscriptions super easy

    - Real time analytics on subscribers (MRR, Churn)

    - Customer transaction history


    - Haven't found any so far

    I tried out RevenueCat because I never really understood the iOS subscriptions API and just cobbled together a barely-working implementation. RevenueCat gave me the peace of mind that comes with a professional, expert implementation.

    Also, there are surprisingly few products out there that provide analytics on subscriptions. When gauging ad campaign effectiveness, I needed to be able to see accurate metrics on my subscribers. What's their churn? Which cohorts are staying subscribed the longest? How many subscribers do I retain after x months? RevenueCat is unmatched in this regard (believe me, I've tried them all).

    Lastly, something that I love about RevenueCat is the ability to see an individual customer's transaction history. I can see when they renewed, when the started, and further, every transaction they've made in my app since the beginning.

    I'm super excited by what the RevenueCat team has cooked up this far and am super excited to see what they introduce in the future! Jacob is the man!

    Zachary Shakked has used this product for one year.
  • Maximilian
    MaximilianiOS Developer & Designer

    Easy to integrate and set up



    I'm currently transitioning a paid app of mine to free+subscription, and RevenueCat has made it incredibly easy to set up so I don't have to worry about managing purchases and validating them, which is allowing me to launch the update a lot faster than expected.

    Maximilian has used this product for one month.
  • Daniel Bruce
    Daniel BruceCTO and Co Founder

    Super simple integration, subscription model already planned out and implemented, AWESOME support.


    More of a dog person myself

    Brilliant product, took the hassle of building a subscription backend away from us. Our product focusses on freelance finances so all our efforts should go towards solving that, we don't want to spend time solving subscription implementation issues so using RevenueCat was a no brainer as it allowed us to get back to focussing on our core business.

    Daniel Bruce has used this product for one month.
  • Todd Eichel
    Todd EichelStartup Software Engineer

    Plug-and-play in app subscriptions 💯


    Apple still finds ways to make it more annoying than it should be

    When I started writing my first-ever iOS app (coming from web dev) the only thing I knew about App Store subscriptions was that they were annoying and hard to get right. Being a noob to iOS, Swift, and the App Store I was not looking forward to figuring it out myself.

    Fortunately these guys were launching at the same time we were and offered to let us into the beta. Dropping in the SDK saved me literally months of stumbling around in the dark trying to do it myself, poorly.

    Support has been top notch and they're building out new features constantly.

    Todd Eichel has used this product for one year.
  • Stuart Schwartz
    Stuart SchwartzOwner, Domains By Stu

    Easy to integrate, Jacob is very helpful



    Dreaded switching over to In-app purchases and subscriptions because as a indie developer I did not want to setup and maintain a server to handle the purchase validation or bloat the app by bringing in the validation code on the client.

    RevenueCat simplifies all that by providing an easy to use API and handling the purchase validation. This saved me time and effort of having to get up to speed on StoreKit and dealing with the differences between the testing sandbox and production.

    Jacob has been helpful answering questions about RevenueCat and dealing with getting the app approved through the AppStore since there are more conditions when enabling In-app purchases.

    Stuart Schwartz has used this product for one month.
  • Alan J Cushway
    Alan J CushwayDirector, Honk Honk Punch Pty Ltd

    Easy to integrate and provides realtime insight into subscriptions for your apps.


    None Really.

    Jacob at RevenueCat has been super helpful since before I even started using the product when I started reading his blog posts on implementing subscriptions and all the potential gotchas.

    Since I signed up he as responded quickly and efficiently to all my emails and the product has worked flawlessly and has been improved continuously.

    Thanks to RevenueCat I moved my first app over to subscriptions with a minimum of fuss and can see at a glance on the dashboard exactly how the app is performing in realtime (very nice when delivering new features and trying to move the needle).

    Alan J Cushway has used this product for one month.
  • R.Stalin
    R.StalinIndie Developer

    Product from winners of Apple Design Award. So simple like pod install and connect the wires(methods). Thats it!


    A sample project would be very helpful for beginners. Otherwise its a cakewalk!

    When I tried to implement in-app purchases, did'nt know where to start. It took 2 complete days for a concrete mobile algorithm, then theres the server side. Being an indie developer and one cannot spread thin on all fronts, indeed its a great service for indie developers like me.

    Once a quick 10 minutes with the documentation it became simple and easy to implement. Also the features were immediately updated by the RevenueCat team. Their blog updates are helpful to understand the new features updated at WWDC and what actions needed for them to be implemented.

    R.Stalin has used this product for one month.
  • Pros: 

    Simple and it just works. Pricing is friendly for small startups.


    As an early adopter, I got hit by a bug or two. But RevenueCat fixed the issues within the same day!

    A great service that has saved me a lot of time. I tried to implement In-App Purchases by myself, but once we moved a subscription model there were simlply too many edge cases to cover. With RevenueCat I can give a flawless experience to our users and never have to worry about In-App Purchases again.

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  • Mijo Kaliger
    Mijo KaligeriOS Obfuscator

    It’s a subscriptions hyperloop. API is so convenient I didn’t have to look at the docs.



    It just fills IAP gaps.

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  • Pros: 

    Great support, easy integration, useful data, fair price.



    We have 3 apps using Revenue Cat and plan on several more. Almost immediate response when asking questions.

    Richard Good has used this product for one month.
  • James Ormrod
    James OrmrodIndie app dev, founder Lion Dog Apps

    It just works!


    Nothing yet

    Great comms, help and advice when you need it. Useful cohort analysis tools and Android in the pipeline, what's not to like.

    James Ormrod has used this product for one month.