Revenue Reporting from Drift

Let's end the war between marketing and sales.

Revenue Reporting from Drift is how conversational marketers measure the ROI on their efforts. Not in conversations started, meetings booked or even leads generated. This is about measuring in dollars. Revenue Reporting will be the center of all reporting in Drift from now on.

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In a world where marketers and sales people are constantly disagreeing about what's a qualified lead, what's influencing a sale, etc... this new launch from Drift is refreshing. They've added Revenue Reporting into Drift so you can see how your conversational marketing efforts are impacting your bottom line. Sales reps measure performance in dollars, and so should marketers. And the team told me this is just the beginning, the future of reporting in Drift will be centered around revenue.
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Sales and marketing teams have never seen eye to eye. They’ve fought over lead quality and SLAs, and built fancy systems for reporting and managing both. And yet, for more than 20 years now, none of it works. The thing is, marketers are doing things they know are working. But they’re fighting to get credit from sales. At the same time, sales leaders say marketing isn’t bringing in the right leads. Neither side will ever win. And in the process, you know what really suffers? Growth. Look, my message is simple: It’s time to end the war between marketing and sales. Forget about how many leads marketing has delivered. Get sales and marketing aligned around the single metric that actually matters for measuring growth: revenue. If you’re ready to get sales and marketing on the same page, Drift is here to help. That’s why I’m so excited to announce the launch of Revenue Reporting in Drift.
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I've lived in this world for many years and it sucks: Marketing and sales argue over what an MQL is. They bicker about what influenced a sale: a marketing campaign or sales call. There's nothing fun about it. But the problem boils down to this: marketers and sales reps are measured on different things. For sales they are measured on revenue, while marketing has a long list of performance metrics (none of which include any dollars signs $$$) That's why I'm so excited about Revenue Reporting. And not only that you can see influenced by Drift Revenue today, but that all future reporting in Drift will be built around revenue instead of vanity metrics. No other marketing platform is doing this. It's end-to-end revenue visibility. Amazing. Now we can end the war between marketing and sales by aligning the two groups with one shared goal: growing revenue for your business.
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With all due respect to everyone involved in the awesome Drift team, I think this is just a cheap way to get attention in ProductHunt. The revenue dashboard is a capability in the Drift main product and not a standalone product. I may be wrong but I seriously think this is more of a PR exercise where most of the PH community will not be able to use the dashboard since we are not Drift paid customers. PS: I am a Drift fan :)
@tejazz89 thanks for being a fan! Revenue reporting is a major feature our customers asked for so we put aside our original plans and spent two months building this. It's more than just a simple dashboard. We believe it's the first time marketers can trac back their efforts to actual dollars in opportunities and sales. We were never able to do this in past marketing software companies I was a part of. This is a major step forward for marketers. If you're not a full-time marketer who works with sales people I can see how it just looks like a dollar number on a dashboard.
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@tejazz89 Thanks for the feedback, and glad you're a fan. We like feedback – and not just the good kind. That said, I don't necessarily agree it's a "cheap way to get attention" since Product Hunt is a channel to distribute news about products. And that's how we're using it. And while revenue is not in our free product, the conversations dashboard is (the new metrics that shows the who, what, where, when why of your conversations). But regardless, we want to get the word out that we're centering our reporting around revenue moving forward. And Product Hunt is more than just a listing of free products, it's a hub where technology flourishes and inspires others. At Drift we're constantly looking at Product Hunt for inspiration. We know getting everyone working towards one shared metric will help align sales and marketing because it works for us and it's what our customers have requested. Maybe sharing that news here on PH will help other products think about making revenue the center of their reporting too. Maybe it'll help marketers and sales reps that frequent PH think about how to align their teams and help their business grow. I hope that helps explain why we're launching this on Product Hunt today. I'd be happy to chat with you further about it if you'd like to hear more behind our strategy or see more about our new reporting: dan @ Appreciate your feedback and we definitely can be more explicit with this community in the future.
@dcancel I got the point about the incredible value it brings to the table and I have worked with sales team and report to a CEO :) My feedback is more around product hunters being able to try it out! 99% products here are launched with that spirit. I guess that's the fun of it. But I guess I will have to wait till I become a paid customer and have enough data.
@d_j_murphy I might have sounded tough when I said cheap way :P My feedback is around the fact that you are not utilising the real power of ProductHunt community. To get product feedback or get traction for a new product. As a popular fast growing product in SaaS, Drift will be successful to get eyeballs anyhow. As a regular product hunter, I just feel left out from the fun :)
@dcancel @tejazz89 Thanks! And just a reminder: the conversation report is part of our free plan, so you can use it today if you want to check it out. And it's pretty cool. Something I really wanted when I was a customer. So pumped everyone can take advantage of it now. That's part 2 of this launch. Part 1 was the revenue reporting. If you check it out, let us know what you think?
Drift is the single most important thing we're doing in marketing at RapidMiner. We have hundreds of Drift conversations a day with our freemium users, and we care deeply about helping every single person we talk to. It's core to our mission. We've always intuitively known that helping people drives increased sales, and now we can easily prove it with Drift Revenue Reporting. Thanks for turning hours of manual Salesforce + Excel work into something I can cut+paste in seconds into my weekly sales + marketing meeting and monthly board reports.