Uber for electric mopeds

Revel is electric moped ridesharing that makes getting around simple and fun without gas or keys.
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I'll upvote everything related to electric technology and renewable energy.
@patricija_p I'll upvote all comments that upvote electric technology and renewable energy initiatives
@patricija_p @xeeez Electric technology is nothing compared to renewable. It still generates a lot of CO2 and is far from renewable
@patricija_p @pierre_henri_outtier1 I understand what you mean. I just realized this a few days ago when I read something about e-scooters being not as eco-friendly as I first assumed :)
@patricija_p @xeeez @pierre_henri_outtier1 those are two separate problems! If I ask you combustion is the solution would you still resist electric vehicles just because we are still on the 20/30% level of renewables?
This is not progress! This is basically ruining your cities and making your traffic as hell! We've seen the hell in India and appreciate the car-only situation here (because of their usage of lanes). Try making separate lanes (instead of side walks) for electric scooters - but a Vespa style (which is called moped) will cause havoc. Traffic nightmare if goes unchecked for sometime given the human psychology to be lazy by default. Electric cars/vans/buses with optimal routing is sign of progress and this is not! Also, presence of such bikes will hinder the progress of autonomous vehicles by increasing their challenges.
@vamshi4001 We've had mopeds (which we call scooters) in Europe for decades and it hasn't turned into the nightmare you're describing. I think it's hard to compare the traffic in India with the traffic in NYC... My main concern would be more the fact that Americans are not used to dealing with motorbikes and mopeds on a daily basis. They don't check their mirrors, they don't expect them, and above all they haven't been driving one since they're 16 like we do in France or Italy for example. So put a 30yo on a moped when he's never driven one before, in the middle of the NYC trafic and you've got a recipe for disaster...
@fiessedouard Completely agree! Appreciate your articulation. Definitely can't compare with Indian traffic.
@vamshi4001 you've spent too much time in US! US and India are in two extremes of the spectrum, check out the between!
@vamshi4001 we've had this in SF for years and it's one of the best ways to get around the city:
@vamshi4001 sounds like BS. Restristing cars and allowing only (motor)bikes will solve whole traffic situation.
I've seen these everywhere around my neighborhood in Brooklyn! They seem very similar to Scoot in SF. Eager to take one for a spin and see how it compares to alternatives like Citibike (I'm going to guess it's faster 😉).
@taylormajewski I'll try this in Bushwick tonight hopefully!
@kunalslab lmk what you think!
@taylormajewski didn't realize it would have such a high onboarding cost, plus I finished my meeting + dinner around 11pm. By the time I got set up and saw the fee + driver's license onboarding, I stopped. I understand why they have the cost of license verification (~$19) passed on to consumers, but I have a feeling that they'll have a tough time getting current scooter riders to switch. The switching cost seem too high.
hate to be such a downer but i see way too many people riding these around as if they're bicycles and lane splitting around busy intersections in downtown brooklyn with NO helmets. as a motorcycle rider myself, its really difficult to watch... very dangerous.
@moon_kang good point. The NYT just wrote a really good piece on this side of the mopeds:
@moon_kang this is why I love riding in California where lane splitting is allowed.
Nice NIU Mopeds! We have those scooters in Berlin, favourite transportation.