Community for women who are over 50

Revel is a membership-based community. We charge $15 per month. As a member, our users can sign up to host or attend nearby gatherings on topics of their choice.
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As the baby boomer population matures, something like this is increasingly needed. I'm curious what types of activities or themes are most common at these gatherings, @lisa_marrone. 🤔
@rrhoover We’re seeing that two types of gatherings predominate: 1) outdoor activities like hikes and picnic and garden walks, and 2) casual conversations in living rooms...often on topics that are somehow made unique by the specificity of our audience, e.g. a conversation last night in a living room in Bernal on “Feminism over 50 in the era of #MeToo”
We're often asked: How did two women in their 30s come to build a community for women in their 50s, 60s, and 70s? The answer is simple: We're building this company for our mothers. Lisa's mother raised her as a single parent while working as a public school teacher, and that meant that she didn't have much time to focus on her life outside of parenting. When Lisa left for college and her mother later retired, she needed to proactively build a community of like-minded women. Alexa's mother is similar in need but different in circumstance: she's a physician with a high-powered career and a robust social life, living in a dense urban area, who nonetheless feels that she doesn't know where to turn for genuine connections with women her age.
@lisa_marrone I recently read a study of a similar problem in Russia. 57% of people aged 60-70 live a lonely life. 70% have severe depression. According to research, the main problem is that they have no one to talk to.
@ikarov fascinating! It was the research on loneliness in the UK last year that prompted us to start Revel.
@lisa_marrone thank you for implementing on this brilliant idea. We are increasingly marginalized and underemployed after 50, not considered when studies are done as they concentrate on the ends and low middle of the age spectrum, and ignored. Development of supportive community is essential. In my psychology practice, I saw that women over 50 are uniformly depressed to a certain degree. While exceptions of course exist, true happiness or sustainable contentment for women over 50 was a rarity. I focus on that, so will be recommending Revel to my networks. Thank you for your service!
What a great idea. I always hear of the clubs my mother takes part in, from book club to gardening. Not having something like that would make life so boring! It can be struggle to find like-minded people at that point in someone’s life. Cool solution
@coreyo thank you! And we’d love to meet your mother someday. With all the transitions that happen at this age (empty nesting, menopause, changing relationships with a partner, changing relationships to work) we definitely hear that a lot of people are at a loss for where to meet other women their own age. Often people have befriended the parents of their kids’ friends, and those friendships don’t persist once the kids leave!
@lisa_marrone fantastic product idea! I'm curious, is there any way to distinguish events led by Revel members vs general events that are open to the public?