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#5 Product of the DaySeptember 18, 2014
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Anonymous chat that requires you log in with Facebook? Stay tuned for the pivot.
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@startupljackson That was exactly my thought. Anonymous chat that requires any sort of sign up, let alone with Facebook? Come on.
@miles_matthias thanks for the note. We're rolling out alternate auth soon. We haven't found a way to get rid of signup entirely and still ensure most conversations on Reveal are welcome yet. But we def have work to do and I'd love any ideas.
@startupljackson FB Auth is interesting. The idea of the app is to allow folks to slowly reveal facts about themselves. Using FB identity could reduce the possibility of fake reveals. Name some other auth that has more data about you? Easy to smash the choice for humor -- but harder to think through its potential.
@micah they could have opted to use facebook anonymous login though. I have to partially agree with startup l jackson in the sense that I'm wondering why they have to know so much info about me. However I do see the utility in segmenting the user base on age/gender/location (yes, A/S/L!)
@allnick Thanks for writing. We've been working on this since before Facebook anon was announced. We're definitely looking at it, and other alternatives too. There's a tough balance between information, safety and convenience.
Glad to be the one to reveal this awesome new product to the PH community. Congrats to my buddy @nicksoman and his team for pushing this across the finish line. Excited to celebrate at the launch party today.
Thanks friends. @startupljackson, it's not a pivot if you plan for it. :) Alternate auth coming soon. Some detail on why we're doing what we're doing: We are early days with lots of work ahead to make this magic. Thank you for the early support.
Congrats @nicksoman, this is really great! Interesting use of animations to make the app come to life even though its a simple anonymous chatting application. Sometimes its the details that matter. Just talked to someone randomly in Alberta, Canada for 10 minutes (mostly to see what they thought of the product). Excited to see where this goes!
Congrats @nicksoman and team. Excited to see where you guys take this.