Slack bot for running retrospectives with action items

Retrochat is a Slack bot that helps with running retrospectives and managing action items. Retrochat is a simple and easy to use bot. If you had problem with retrospectives that didn't bring any value, Retrochat should solve this.
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Hello everybody! Retrochat is available to use in Beta and we are looking for testers! Retrochat is my first every product. I built Retrochat, because I noticed that a lot of other tools for running retrospectives don't take care of action items, which are really important if you don't want retrospectives to be just a team meeting. Retrochat is supposed to be a simple bot only with features that are useful to its users. I think that having just a Slack bot for retrospectives is much easier for team to use than subscribing to another web application solely for retrospectives. Currently, Retrochat has to offer these features: - running retrospectives on each Slack channel - adding action items (that are assigned to specific team members) - managing action items during a sprint - voting (through emojis)
Great tool! Any plan on developing a way to export conversation data?
@lachlankirkwood Yes, this in on my roadmap. I plan to add csv/pdf export, but it depends if any team requests it. I'd like to also add exporting to different integrations like jira, trello, etc. But like I said before, it depends if teams actually need it. :) Does it answer your question, Lachlan? :)