Get your photos professionally retouched via SMS

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Hey Product Hunters, we’re excited to talk to you today! Thank you Jonathan for recommending us! Retouch is an SMS based photo retouching as a service. There’s no app to download, no registration or accounts. Simply text us at (310)-525-4382 with your photo and what you want done. We will work on your photos and send you proofs of the finished product. We send a Paypal invoice and you only pay if you are 100% satisfied with the work.
@nistalasrivalli OMG!!! Srivalli :D we need to partner up asap. I'm the founder of audrey...our app is being featured on the home page of over 30 countries right now including the us. I would love to integrate you guys in there ...have some kind of rev share deal. email me:
@nicholassheriff - your app sounds amazing. I'm going to download and try it asap. How are you doing the editing? The partnering up sounds interesting, I will email you.
@nistalasrivalli @nicolassheriff Big fan of Audrey :D Would love to see these two to go together :)
@nicholassheriff - Are you only on iOS?
@nistalasrivalli Hi Srivalli...really excited for this, right now we have a recipe of offerings one being filters and another being natural language processing which is still very much in beta. What's more interesting is that a key fast growing demographic of ours are Females over the age of 35...and this is something that we have researched and shows is going to be an increasing trend which we could couple with our long term goals. Yes we're only on iOS because the future of computer vision as far as a consumer facing offering coupled with a mobile computing platform is going to be iOS...Apple currently makes the best camera hardware ever for mobile.
@uxdzen People want to get nice portraits, but there are only three options available right now. Either go to a professional photographer and get portraits done or do it yourself using Photoshop or find a freelancer to do it for you. First option is too expensive and limited and second option is too time consuming and the resultant quality is not as good as people want and third option is a hit and miss. Finding the right freelancer is hard and there is no guarantee they will deliver what we want. Also, people's photos are on their phones. If we could give people an simple way to text a picture and get it retouched, we would be providing a service that people will value. The demand and feedback we are getting clearly shows that we were right. People love the ease of use of SMS based service.
Very nice. There are lots of people that have no idea how to enhance a photo even with their phones built in capabilities. Couple of questions, how do SMS charges work outside of the US? (UK for example).. Are you also planning on leveraging chat as well as SMS?
@leewynne Thanks Lee. We are planning to launch in UK in the next week and slowly begin to expand to other countries based on demand. We are building a mobile app that will have machine learning based photo organization, sharing along with chat functionality to make a complete package.
what problem is this solving ? if i may ask ?
@uxdzen In addition to what Srivalli mentioned, it's difficult to get quality work done without knowing retouchers and exactly what you want. We want to make this process simpler, you can see the proofs before payment.
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