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#1 Product of the DayAugust 10, 2018

Custom internal tools have the same building blocks. Retool gives you those building blocks, so you can build them much faster.


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Nick O'NeillHunter@allnick · CEO, Holler Inc.
While I typically use AirTable for generating dashboards and storing internal information, Retool is a pretty slick looking interface to build internal tools. I also love the idea that end users don't need to log in to AirTable for another tool they aren't familiar with. Instead you use forms and other elements to empower your co-workers.
David HsuMaker@dvdhsu
@allnick thank you! I’m a big fan of Airtable as well. We’re currently using it to store leads! Retool is good if you’re connecting to data you have, in other places. Like SQL databases, APIs, and yes - Airtable. Then you can build all sorts of custom tools on top of them. Thanks for hunting us!!
Mohamad Marstias Billy@mohamad_marstias_billy
@dvdhsu very impressive ! a lot of dev and designer witing for this kind of tools, because we need more Designer friendly app to build custom app...only to be sure, does retool build with Bubble ? and how about on premise option for hosting generated app?
Marc@marcbc · Software Developer & Product Enthusiast
congrats on the launch, quite impressed so far! One question, do you plan on allowing developers to create custom components? E.g. I might like to have a Map component which renders routes, not points. Allowing for this custom developments and allowing to share them in marketplace approach might expand the feature set quickly.
Will Tennien MurphyMakerHiring@will_tennien_murphy
@marcbc We're always adding components and have built up quite a library. If you want it, we've probably built it. If not, let us know!
David HsuMaker@dvdhsu
@marcbc we will soon! That’s on our roadmap. If you think about it, all our components have props and state. In the near future, we’ll let you import your own React components!
Marc@marcbc · Software Developer & Product Enthusiast
@dvdhsu ❤️
Sean Coleman@sean_coleman · Associate Product Manager, AirMap
@marcbc @dvdhsu When is the anticipated release date for said custom react components? Thanks!
Kevin Sahin@sahinkevin · Indie maker, developer, book Author
That's really cool. Your landing page is amazing btw, nice animations ! If there was a way to create admin dashboards with charts it would be great. Is that a feature you will add in the future ?
Wojciech Grześkowiak@_fones · I am building better e-commerce.
@sahinkevin Charts are built in.
Kevin Sahin@sahinkevin · Indie maker, developer, book Author
@_fones That's awsome ! I just signed up, I didn't see this on the landing page. Thanks
Will Tennien MurphyMakerHiring@will_tennien_murphy
@_fones @sahinkevin You can find a full list of components here: There are plenty of components off the beaten path: tabbed containers, JSON forms, even bounding-box labelling for machine learning data!
Wojciech Grześkowiak@_fones · I am building better e-commerce.
Cool stuff! Amazing work!
Will Tennien MurphyMakerHiring@will_tennien_murphy
@_fones Thank you! Really happy to hear you like it!
Ed Brooks@edbrooksio · Co-founder of ESPAT Media
I just created an app, amazing! Thanks for building / sharing this project.
Will Tennien MurphyMakerHiring@will_tennien_murphy
@edbrooksio Perfect! Good luck with the app and hope you find it useful!