Retina Check

Visualise images pixel density on any webpage

Free Google Chrome extension that analyses and visualises the actual pixel density for all images on any webpage. The essential image optimisation tool for perfectionists.

Greg 'X' Willis
  • Greg 'X' Willis
    Greg 'X' WillisFounder & Developer @ Taste Buff

    Great tool


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    I plan to use this extensively on all my projects.

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Hey all, I got tired of seeing blurry images on my retina screen and needed a way of testing if the website I’m building is fully retina-optimised. Made this Chrome extension: it calculates actual pixel density (based on the containers' sizing and aspect ratios) and colourises all images on the page accordingly: - red – too small, not enough pixels, stretched and blurry; - orange-yellow – OK-ish, could be a bit stretched, but not likely to get noticed. - green – all good; - magenta – too big, could make the image smaller and still look OK. The essential image optimisation tool for perfectionists.
@stas_kulesh This is going to be so useful, thank you!
@abadesi 👍 thanks.
This is a great extension! I just tried it out and it works wonderfully. Thank you!
@nina_cvijovic appreciate that, thanks!
Love it! Great Job!
Great job !! Will surely try it out ! No voice in the. Video ?? 😊
@ayush_chandra Not musch to explain really. Added some nice rock music for you :)
this is amazing!
@carolinehermy Thanks Caroline!