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#2 Product of the WeekMarch 04, 2015

Resume Samples (now VisualCV) helps you create stunning resumes and personal landing pages.

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Hey, some companies literally auto reject any resume with a photo so they cant be sued. Just a FYI
@jayzalowitz Thanks Jay. Yup, mostly gov't and fortune 5's . The rules are shifting a bit re: discrimination from photos because of LinkedIn profiles, but that's why we recommend folks in North America create a "toned-down" version for their traditional applications. What I find weird is that some companies can find someone's different online profiles (ie. LinkedIn search, Github), invite them to apply for a job, and then once they've applied need to never look at those other profiles again to maintain a "fair application process."
1/2 of the VisualCV team here, PH kickstarted some solid growth the last few months - excited to be back here :). This was one of our top feature requests - resume samples from real people that aren't just canned templates. All of these are public VisualCV profiles from most industries imaginable. We're aiming to go deeper with this in the future - ie. examples of resumes that got the job at XCo - both from a curiosity and professional development lens. Would love your thoughts on how we can improve the wonderful world of resumes!
@jamesclift great idea. Resumes and CVs are gorgeous! How are you planning to monetize the site?
@lewis_lin Thanks Lewis! We're currently a freemium model - users are paying for upgrades for more design options, more resume versions, and upgraded analytics. Interestingly, our paid subscribers are much more engaged and happier than our free users. still playing around with what should be free and what should be upgraded.
you guys should just blast this out to all the colleges you can. They will love this!
@ashmotamedi Thanks Ashkan! We do have a pretty killer student plan but haven't thought about promoting this samples database specifically. Great idea.
Pretty interesting, I used to download and keep resumes from friends and upperclassmen I admired back in college for reference. VisualCV seems to love using color and profile pictures in the resume, why was that design decision made? I feel like the advantage of pure text is limited bias as you're only looking at their past experience and accomplishments although I do admit I will Google anyone I find interesting for more information which does end up me finding their profile picture
@imkevinxu Thanks for commenting Kevin! Short answer: We think folks should have both a professional toned down print resume (for job applications) and a sexier online profile (for when they're googled or any non-traditional application). We have templates that serve both use cases, but most of our Pro users use the more colorful options. Long answer: We toe the line between online portfolios/personal websites and traditional print resumes. For anything that's hosted (ie. an online resume, portfolio) we recommend folks use profile pictures and colors. These are the majority of our paid customers - freelancers, business owners, consultants, independent contractors. Many people know VisualCV as just that - a VisualCV. If people are applying for a job in the traditional way, we recommend a more basic template without a profile picture (in North America), no multi-media content, and an export to PDF. These should link to the sexier online profiles, as people spend about 6 seconds on a resume and over 3 minutes on our online VisualCV profiles. We're working on a lot to improve the print resumes- optimizing for applicant tracking systems and different output formats.
So jealous I didn't think of this. It's AWESOME!! Sending it to my list of freelerns!
@laurenholliday_ Thanks Lauren!! Freelanship looks really cool :)