Jérôme Mancini-Luciani
Jérôme Mancini-Luciani reviewedResume.ioBuild your job-winning resume in minutes

Complete, clean UI, onboarding, sharing


Only few templates atm

Hello team !

Looks like you've bring something cool and new to HR.

The tool is really simple to use, the onboarding is great. UI is also great.

Once signed-up, I was really pleased to see that it wasn't only resume templates. Additional features like cover letters, sharing, application trackers are adding big value to the product.

I might desert my beloved InDesign, because it will be easier for me to maintain and update my resume I guess.

Even if I'm not looking for a job, I'd definitely comeback often to check how it is evolving and maybe use it for close friends or parents when it's needed.

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Tikhon Belousko
Tikhon Belousko@tikhondaz · Designer/Co-founder at resume.io ✨
Hi @manciniluciani and thanks for your feedback! We do plan a lot of cool staff in nearest future, so stay tuned for more. 🙌 By the way, if you feel like standard templates don’t suit you well you can customize them by changing accent color or hiding/showing profile image. 😎