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Kitoye Balogun
@ajebutter22 · Sales, Resplash
I did not realize how hard it was to find and hire high quality designers and developers until I tried to build my first product. At Resplash, we have been building a list of the best designers and developers in Africa, and our goal with the platform is to make it easy for anyone to find and hire the best design talent across Africa at a really good price po… See more
Adam Sweet
@adamrsweet · Drive high profit and fuel great success
You should post this in /r/JobBoards on Reddit
@felixoginni · design @resplashdesign
Hi Product Hunters, Excited to be here, thanks @jacksmith for hunting us. One of the big problems I had when I moved to Lagos, Nigeria last year was that it was hard to find high quality design talent. Which is a big problem when you are working in a startup. @Kitoye and I decided to build a list of the best designers we could find on the continent. We r… See more
Dainis Kanopa
@dainiskanopa · https://middle.io
that's a copycat of https://www.designinc.com/ website
John Doherty
@dohertyjf · Founder, Credo (GetCredo.com)
Great work launching! As a fellow founder of this sort of business, I wish you luck. It's really hard, and I hope you have a cofounder because that'll make it a lot easier. That said, it's also super fun. I like how you MVP'd it with the Typeform surveys. They're a bit long IMO. You could cut down the info you're asking for. And of course, eventually you'r… See more