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#3 Product of the DayMay 21, 2020
Our tools help you to easily resize, optimize, crop, and convert any of your images right in your web browser and for completely free. We always mind your privacy, and we don't keep or store your images; we'll never do.
Resizing App 線上免費圖片調整大小、轉檔、優化 Chrome 瀏覽器擴充外掛我們經常需要調整圖片的尺寸大小、有時也需要設法將圖片壓縮以節省上傳圖床的空間,對於經營 Facebook 、 YouTube 等社群媒體小編,也很常需要製作符合社群平台頁面的縮圖,這時除了使用專業的影像處理軟體,其實也可以使用今天介紹的 Resizing App 這個 Chrome 瀏覽器擴充外掛,就能簡單、迅速地將一張張圖片調整至符合需求的結果。 首先,前往 Resizing App 官網(點我前往)或直接前往 Chrome 線上應用程式商店(點我前往)下載 Resizing App 擴充外掛: 將 Resizing App 加入到 Chrome 瀏覽器後,只要點選圖示按鈕即可開啟它: 只要點擊「+」按鈕、「here」或直接將圖片拖曳到視窗範圍內,即可快速導入要處理的圖片: 導入圖片後,右側由上至下功能依序為尺寸調整、圖片品質、檔案格式及儲存圖片。其中圖片品質部份,越靠近左側儲存品質越高,為確保壓縮後的圖片仍保有高品質,建議選擇最高或次高的圖片品質進行儲存: Resizing App 在圖片尺寸調整的自由到相當高、操作也很好上手,提供自訂寬度、自訂高度、自訂長邊、百分比,以及全部自訂的多種選項: Resizing App Chrome 瀏覽器擴充外掛支援 PNG 、 JPEG 、 BMP 、 TIFF 、 HEIC 、 GIF 及 WEBP 格式的圖片導入,至於轉存的圖片則可選擇 JPG 、
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Hello ProductHunters! Thank you @chrismessina for hunting us! 🎉 It's Diana, and I'm so excited to introduce you our — an online image assistant designed to make your digital images fit your needs and any requirements you could come across! Change your images, reduce the file size, crop those unnecessary parts, and optimize — all of that right in your browser. Can't get any easier than that. It's a free and completely safe-to-use web app that is available across all your devices, no matter if you use a desktop in the office or your mobile on the bus. The Chrome Extension is here for those who want to access our interface with just a click. 🚀Our goal: To remove any image restrictions to make the photo uploading process to the Internet as smooth as butter. What makes us stand out: ✅The tool is totally free, no ads, no strings attached. Nada. ✅We don't store your information and files on our servers, all the process is going on in your local browser. Promise! ✅ We can work even without the Internet. Like magic. Why it’s free: We put all our love, time, and passion into creating the best product ever. Because we strongly believe such things as uploading images of the right size, format and weight shouldn't cost a cent for the everyday user but—it's a right of everyone. We hope you'll like the experience as much as we do! Share your ideas, tell us what crop presets you need, or what features you're dreaming about — we'll be happy to make them come true. Thank you for your support, questions, and looking forward to your feedback in the comments! 😍 And don’t forget to follow us on Twitter!
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@chrismessina @diana_sulakova1 Its beautiful and simple. So you really don't have any affliation or future paid feature plan for it?
Amazing solution! Will be so useful for my web-design process
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@kate_lozanova Thanks so much Kate!
Added to my bookmarks. Nice job👍
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I've lost count how much time I've lost due to wrong resolution! Great job!
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@zhenwei_ku Thanks ZhenWei! That's exactly why we do it—to save a lot of time!
This is super useful! Added to Chrome!
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@steventey Yayy, thank you, Steven!