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I just bought a pair of white running shoes, which is a horrible idea in the winter in NYC. Going to give this product a try.
@andrewett this has worked really well on my running shoes. I wish the instruction videos were a little easier to find based on your shoe type. The spray helps keep a water-repellent layer for some time. After cleaning, you should be good as new.
wow, did you make this for my older son?! it's right up his alley - plus he just won a pair of yeezys in some online contest, not sure they'll ever need cleaning since they won't leave the box ;)
My Nikes need this BAD. Just ordered a kit. Let's see how it does!
Didn't think I would ever see it in here πŸ˜€, if you are in Europe https://www.reshoevn8r.co.uk