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I've been using @Reserve for a few months now. Amazingly efficient way to book high-end restaurants. What used to be a race to dial the hostess at exactly the right time of day weeks in advance is now just a few clicks. Also, don't underestimate the beauty of paying through the app. In fact, by letting them auth with my credentials I was able to use it to send my parents to a fancy dinner! Anyway, I think this is early days for Reserve. You know that when you have @JoeMarchese, @gmc, and @vl in the mix, shit is going to happen.
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@sacca given the team and the model I assume the roadmap anticipates moving downscale (reserveX), any ideas on how they would do that?
Very excited that Reserve is on Product Hunt! Reserve is focused on the entire process of going out to eat, from finding the right place to getting a table and then also handling the check.
@ovonhauske congrats on the launch! do you have an access code that I can use this weekend in NYC?
Greg and the whole Reserve team are fantastic! We put together a short video for Reserve and just posted it today. @rrhover asked me to post it here :)
Very excited to see this launch, but how will Reserve differentiate from Open Table? Open Table has the same features (reserve a table; pay for your check; great iOS app) and has an incredible selection of restaurants (quantity and quality). For restaurants that already use Open Table, will they be willing to implement another service? Is it even a significant burden for them? There's already a few other competitors vying for adoption, including Resy and Cover (both of which seem to be focused on high-end restaurants, like Reserve). And is the high-end restaurant market itself a big enough opportunity? Reserve has an incredibly successful team behind it. I would love to hear how they are navigating these issues.
@GeoffreyWeg Reserve is free to restaurants, and this was something that was really important to us since the restaurant industry generally has very slim margins (3-5% last I saw reported). In terms of tech integration, we worked very closely with our restaurant partners to make sure our tech was lightweight and very easy for our partners to use. Especially since Reserve diners have a default payment card linked to the app, the payment piece can actually become simpler for a restaurant and involve fewer trips for the server. The response from our partners has been really great, and its been terrific to work with them so far and get their feedback on the service and technology. And to your final question, we're really just getting started. Part of the vision is to see this be a service people want to use every time they go out to eat, and continuing to build out great partnerships is a big part of that.
Cool to see things heat up in this space. (@waitressapp) in Stockholm, Sweden is picking up and may be one to take the European market. Cover and Reserve both look great too.