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#3 Product of the DayOctober 24, 2014
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We're looking to create a central dumping ground for all articles, news, events, case studies, etc. that are focused on UX research, customer validation and user testing. We love learning about this stuff and putting it into practice, so hopefully this information is useful for others. Would love to have others posting anything useful they come across to help grow the customer research community, in the same way Hacker News and Designer News have done for the code and design folks. Thanks for adding this to PH @robjama.
@therobhayes @robjama UX.StackExchange is also great for this, but I'm digging this website already.
Looks like a great resource! Now gotta figure out a way to keep tabs on all of these amazing community news sites like PH, Designer/Hacker News, Bootstrappers/ etc.
@robjama totally agree, newsletter helps alot
@Anderson760 @robjama a newsletter is a great idea. It's definitely tough keeping up with all of it - having a billion browser tabs open might not be the best way to deal with it...
@griffinthomson @Anderson760 The Panda Chrome extension by @williamchanner is really useful for this. >
@robjama @griffinthomson @Anderson760 @williamchanner ah great idea. I've only used the Panda/Geisha site before. I'll try out this chrome extension now.
It's gonna be a lot ProductHunt like services this year :) but in specific areas
@datbayev This. Not just to copycat PH, but because it's such an effective format for (crowd)curating content. I feel that we need tools like this to help organise our insatiable hunger to be informed. PH has validated that the reddit/HN format works even better for niches. btw, @tomcreighton, looks like this is built on too? Such a gorgeous UI.
@MarcEglon @datbayev we tried, but this is largely a custom buildout. Glad you like it, it's been great seeing it come together.
Really nice design, a few things can be improved on the signup flow though like letting me browse the site once creating an account. Not having to login again after activating through clicking the link. I also don't mind an email newsletter!
@Anderson760 We're definitely still figuring out how to make this useful to the community - these are all great ideas, thanks!