The smarter way to schedule and send meeting requests.

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Hi Guys, I launched Request this week, it allows you to schedule meetings without the need for countless emails, messages and phone calls. Simply fill out the details for the meeting; where, when, what, etc and invite who you want to attend the meeting. Once you receive a meeting request, Request will check your calendar to see if there is something you already have arrange at the time of the meeting request and let you know if there is a clash. Once a request is accepted, you will get notifications of upcoming meetings, if the meeting has been cancelled, if there has been a change in meeting details
Any desktop application integration / sync?
@lynnfredricks we have plans to do web version
@hassanmahmood_ @lynnfredricks What your app does has conceptually been around for a long time but as far as I know hasn't ever been done well. Most mobile users i know who are in the SMB market space sync their calendars and messages with desktop applications. If they are in a larger type of business (less S, more M), then likely there's a server someplace. I don't know anyone who uses Google apps for this sort of thing but I know its possible. A consideration then is how to make sure there is no open loop for meeting clashes.
@lynnfredricks have you got an email address I can reach you on? I'd be interested to talk some more
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