Podcast discovery is better together

Podcast discovery is better together.
Join the community to discover, share, and organize your podcasts all in one place.
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Hey PH ✌️ Thanks for checking out Repod. We're first-time cofounders @travisosterhaus and @emmettapps out of San Diego. Repod is a podcast app to manage your shows, and a community to discover and share podcast episodes together. Problems we're solving: 1. It's not easy to share podcasts (i.e. Android vs Apple episode sharing) 2. Its hard to find good/new episodes & series 3. It's rare to talk/discuss podcasts unless you're in-person w/ someone Benefits of Repod: - Discover new episodes that you wouldn't find recommended on any other podcast app - Share & discuss episodes with others - Organize your podcasts all in one place Features ⏬ Import your subscriptions from another podcast player (Apple Podcasts, Pocket Casts, or etc) 🗣 Share any: episode, show, playlist, or profile 📝 Post comments on your favorite episodes for the community to see 📖 Create & share public playlists 🤝 Follow other playlists 📚 Organize your subscriptions and episodes with Stations ✂️ Clip & share up to 1-minute episode snippets ⏰ Tap into clips and timestamps to quickly jump into the best parts of an episode 👍 Enjoyed an episode? Let others know with an upvote 📈 See the most liked episodes by day, week, month, or year 👀 See the playlists that episodes are featured in 🌟 Save your favorite episodes and clips for later 🤓 Find trending playlists, new shows & series, and other noteworthy episodes with Spotlights. Whats next: We're wide open on improvements so please send us your ideas and feedback. So far in 2020 we're looking at improving: - Improve web app and allow for web listening and online profiles. - Improve Android compatibility - Better overall sharing: tracking sent messages, highlighting new messages better, and etc Lastly, thanks to @chrismessina for hunting us!
Love Repod! Great player and community!!
@aarondef Appreciate your support Aaron 🤜🤛
I like how Repod simplifies finding interesting podcasts from a blizzard of choices. I only have so much time in the day, and being able to dial into the heart of an episode helps a lot. Getting to discuss episodes with different people, who’ve already listened to them, opens up a lot of ideas I hadn’t thought about!
@john_h_93 Yes! Perfect way to describe today's podcast discovery: a blizzard of choices. I might have to steal that one from you :p
I have used this app in Beta for roughly the last year, and it has slowly taken over as my go-to for Podcasts versus Pocket Casts (yup, I'm on Android!). Why, you ask? The social aspect is at the core of the app and makes it easy to carry on a conversation about specific episodes you enjoyed, to ask for other thoughts, and lastly, it surfaces some great new episodes I likely wouldn't have found otherwise. Give it a shot if you're looking for a change!
@patrick_hayes2 Thanks for the kind words Patrick! As the community grows so will the collective discoverability.
This is awesome, I am always looking for new podcasts and the social element here is a big plus to know if the podcast is worth a listen. Esp when searching.
@bwb Hey we think so too! Appreciate the support and hope you enjoy the app, let us know your feedback so we can improve our search and discovering.