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With millions of podcasts out there it's hard to find the good ones. Not any more. Join the podcast community to listen, share, and discover the best podcasts.
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16 Reviews5.0/5
I've found a few new podcasts on this app that have really helped me! The app shows you the top episodes/shows people are listening to so you can find better content faster. I also like to share cool episodes I find so it gives me a platform to help spread the love!
Travis Osterhaus
Maker of Repod: The Podcast Community
@steve_welty1 Thanks Steve! I personally enjoy your podcast recco's when you do share them. You introduced me to the Rich Roll podcast when Jesse Itzler was the guest.
KatiePacific Northwest
I love this app. It is now my go to to find new podcasts and keep them organized.
Paige BennettDesign Researcher at Medium
This is great! I love the ability to share snippets of episodes with friends.
I love podcasts, but I have always struggled with finding new podcasts to listen to. This is where Repod has come in clutch for me to learn about new episodes or shows that would be of interest to me. I especially like that you can now use topics to search for new groupings of shows that are similar in nature to what you already enjoy! For example, in this season of being at home, I have loved outdoors podcasts so being able to search in that category has been helpful!
I just started using this app and it’s really cool!! I love how new shows and episodes are coming to me now instead of spending so much time searching! Great for all listeners.