Free private PHP package repository manager

Reduce your build times with Repman – free, open-source PHP private package repository manager for Composer. Thanks to a dedicated CDN proxy for Packagist, Repman can speed up PHP dependencies downloads up to 80%. It's free to use for cloud and standalone
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Repman, at first, was a simple tool created by our team for internal use only. Similar solutions out there were missing on some key features that we were looking for, like UI or API. Once developed and thoroughly tested, we have decided to share our solution with other developers. We want Repman to be as accessible as possible. That's why you can use it in a private cloud or install a standalone( version on your own server - no strings attached. On top of all that, Repman comes with a free CDN proxy( for Packagist significantly improving dependencies download times (according to our tests up to 80%). Most importantly - Repman is still being developed, and we are looking to expand its features and functionality. I would like to encourage you all to leave your feedback and suggestions on our GitHub issues page( and help us improve this tool even further.
Nice! Well done!
Nice work!! 😊
This looks fantastic and very user-friendly!
Repman is better than packagist ? How?
@sztwiorok @adamsimet Repman is used to host private packages and share them among interested recipients. Additionally, it can also be used as a proxy for the official repository. These are different uses cases, not direct competition for the packagist.
@arkadiuszkondas sounds good to me! thx