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#1 Product of the DayJuly 05, 2019
Reply Now is a messaging platform and team inbox for popular messengers. Engage with your customers on Facebook Messenger, Viber, Telegram and other messaging apps.
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I've been using Reply Now for a few weeks already and I really like how easy it is to manage social media chats and messenger communications in one place. You can invite team members, leave internal notes, assign and reassign chats like in Intercom.


Handy app to manage chats in one place


None so far

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Hey there Product Hunters, Daniel from Reply Now here! Messengers took over our lives and now it’s one of the most vital and significant parts of personal communications. Now we all talk to family and friends via messengers, why business communications should be less convenient? However, there is one huge problem in using messengers to communicate with customers – messengers are designed for people and not for businesses. And that’s where Reply Now comes about. We have been tirelessly working to bring ease and convenience to business communications in messengers. Reply Now brings order to communication channels. There is no need to monitor all asocial networks and messengers no more. Now, every interaction with customers is settled and organized in one place. Join Reply Now to become an early adopter and evangelist our all-in-one messaging platform. We want you to have the best possible experience with our platform, and can't wait to hear your feedback!
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@daniel_zinoviev Do you validate the user credentials that are used to login into reply now against the messengers login ? Ex: At-least the email id or the Phone number to establish a connection ? This would work for a business at a small scale, how about for medium to large ? do you have any plans for them ? - The reason i asked the above question, because medium to large scale companies support teams are not able to track or respond to customers efficiently. If i imagine the big picture right, integrating this can help them to address every relevant query and in-fact having team channel can help in sharing the workload of support teams. #Just a thought. :)
@daniel_zinoviev @etikalapallen_bolikonda login into the app is different from messenger credentials. We DO NOT store users' messenger credentials. Connecting a Facebook page uses Facebook's OAUTH. Viber and Telegram use connection tokens. About medium and large scale businesses. Our app allows any number of users, teams and channels.
@daniel_zinoviev @eugene_lymar Thanks for the information :). I have signed up and started going through it. Nice work, Good luck!
@daniel_zinoviev @etikalapallen_bolikonda did you manage to connect a channel? Please don't hesitate to contact us if anything is not working as expected.

I've been using Reply for one year. Very useful for outbound sales but complicated for inbound. I'd probably recommend it to my friends and colleagues.


Great way to keep messengers organized in one place.


Haven't figured out yet.

Again you have ignored Whatsapp, Wechat, IMO and slack! )

back my 2005 and ICQ... :)


Interesting idea


didn't find

@daniel_zinoviev are you planning guys new integrations in the future?
@volodymyr_olexienko Hey Volodymyr, you already can integrate ReplyNow with other services via PieSync.