#3 Product of the DayAugust 13, 2019
Add instant, Inline replies to Gmail ⚡
Rather than copy, pasting, and formatting each line you want to reference in an email, with ReplyNinja you can just:
1. ☝️Click the text you want to reply to
2. 💻Type your reply underneath it
3. 💪Hit the send button
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I'm considering simplifying the UI and changing the location for convenience. Thoughts?
New UI Concept
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@titusdecali The new UI Concept is infinitely more useful fwiw. But I think even the current UI is exceptional because it is a set-it and forget it kind of setting.
@ayushpokh Thanks for your kind feedback! I really tried hard to make it simple and intuitive, but I think there is still plenty of room to improve the UI and features.
@titusdecali the new UI concept looks good and will make our life even easier.
UI Updated as of version 1.0.4 Thanks for your votes!
We needed something like this! My support team usually keeps really long threads and the conversations become really messy.
Fantastic idea! I think it will save a lot of my working time :) Hope it works with outlook some time soon. Great job~~~!!
Hey hunters! I’m Titus Decali, the creator of Reply.ninja After manually writing inline-replies in Gmail for the past few years, I got tired of the time I spent on each one and instead made a free Chrome extension to automate the process. Now you can get inline replies with a single click. We’ll be launching some extended features soon!: - Email and link open tracking - High-conversion, email templates - Custom, canned response templates - Remove duplicate signatures automatically Your feedback is always welcome friends! You can view my other work on TitusDecali.com
Great product idea. Happy to use it now. As I have to write emails on a daily basis for work, this Chrome extension will help me to save time, while being more precise with my email replies. Thanks, @titusdecali.