Reply All - 43: The law that sticks

Hacking and The Computer Fraud and Abuse Act.

A great episode of Reply All that touches on the hacking of a newspaper headline, the vagueness of The Computer Fraud and Abuse Act, and Aaron Shwartz.
I just listened to this episode this morning. I was unaware of the The Computer Fraud and Abuse Act which will find everyday people guilty of mundane online behavior. Kind of crazy and another example of how old laws haven't adapted to our changing, tech-driven world.
@rrhoover Yeah I found it to be very interesting, especially considering that the law seems to be used to charge people that the government/corporations want for other greater crimes, but don't have a solid evidence to bring a conviction up.
@wwr228 @rrhoover If you two haven't seen this yet, it's worthwhile:
@jeffumbro I have heard about this, but haven't watched it. Thanks for sending it!