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Arlo Gilbert
@arlogilbert · Founder & Angel
Beautifully done, looks very helpful, but I absolutely hate this kind of product. I like a few commenters am on the receiving end of these all the time. One e-mail, I usually ignore it, but these persistent "I hate to bother you but I've contacted you three times and you haven't replied" autobots piss me off. I'm sad that you are using your talents for evil not for good. Helping ruin e-mail even more is a bad thing for an already struggling medium.
Oleg Campbell
@olegcl · Founder at Reply
@arlogilbert Hi Arlo, thank you for you comment. Could you please suggest any better way of doing outbound sales or business developments to help hackers grow their product (apart from inbound, everyone do that)? I have some idea in regards this case and we will work on it in future. But right now this is the best approach available over there (and it is less annoying than cold calls). We thought LinkedIn become place for B2B sales and BD, but it didn't ; not the greatest peace of software out there. In future, I sure, we will have something better built.
Brandon Hull
@brandonhull · Founder, Side Project Plan
@arlogilbert Or worse, the person's sequence of emails sends you another message less than 24 hours after you have a live conversation with them. Having said that, I think these tools are valuable -- they're just poorly used by most people currently. Like PowerPoint.