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Sydney Liu
@sydney_liu_sl · Co-Founder of Commaful
Probably a really amateur question here, but cold emails tend to run into a lot of spam filters. How do you make sure that the emails actually show up in the inbox? Or is that more on the user's end to take care of.
Oleg Campbell
@olegcl · Founder at Reply
@sydney_liu_sl Great question. We connect directly to user email account and our tool act similar to regular email client. All sent emails even will appear in your sent folder and replies goes straight to your inbox. We have daily sending limits to prevent using Reply for spamming. And usually our custumers doesn't have volume larger then 300-400 emails per day. This is preatty low volume to consider your emails as spam. As well since our customers getting usually at least 20-30% reply rate, this is good sign for spam filters to not clasify your emails as spam. Moreover, since emails sent from user email account, all emails end up in Primary tab of GMail inbox, not Updates or Promotions one. As well we put a randomized delay beetween sending each email, so the replies will be coming in more graduate way and as well for emails serveres emails will not look like sent in a bulk.