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#1 Product of the DaySeptember 13, 2019
Reply is a multichannel sales engagement platform that automates personal email outreach, calls, tasks, and social touches while Sales can focus on closing deals.
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Hey Product Hunters, Oleg, Founder of Reply here! In 2014, we created Reply that automated personal emails and follow-ups and allowed sales reps to get in touch with more prospects faster and in a much more effective way. Personal emails are still the most impactful channel in business communications, but it is definitely not enough to get maximum out of sales outreach efforts. Today, we are launching the updated Reply that automates personal emails and follow-ups, voice, tasks, and social touches while Sales can focus on what really matters - closing deals. At Reply, we believe that every task and sales operation that can be automated should be automated while keeping each communication touchpoint personal. Special perks for Product Hunters available during the next 48 hours only: ⚡Free implementation with a 3-months subscription ⚡Free cloud calls feature till the end of the year ⚡100 email search credits We want you to have the best possible experience with the new Reply platform, and can't wait to hear your feedback!
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@olegcl hey, Happy Friday! Well done on getting on Product hunt! I am very interested in using Reply. We are Starberry a digital marketing agency based in the UK and have been using Growlabs. recently Growlabs has stopped operating in the UK due to GDPR. How do you compare with growlabs, and can we use Reply in the UK?
@rus_sellers Hi Rus, thanks for your questions! Reply operates in UK and it is GDPR compliant. We have a few hundred customers from Europe who are actively using Reply for inbound and outbound, no worries here. As for the Growlabs, Reply has same features to help you automate communications via multiple channels while keeping every touch point 100% personal. In addition, Reply has launched the new Chrome extension, which easily scrapes all prospect data from the web, has built-in email finders and allows to push prospects to a sequence in Reply. Also, it works as a dashboard of tasks for each sales rep and you can make calls out there. Let me know if you have any other questions, I'm happy to help.
@olegcl Hey Oleg. I sent you a PM. Would be great to hear from you when you get a minute :) . Thank you
@olegcl This is a very impressive update. Congratulations!!
Awesome update, you are rocks!
Love products by Reply. We use your email sender on a daily basis for sales needs. Good luck!
@eugenelata cool! Did you try multichannel sequences already?
@olivia_milton_ sure we did :) works great for me.
Do cloud calls come at additional cost?
@galyna_prykhodko Cloud calls feature is free till the end of the year for Product Hunters, after that we will charge for it