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Get extra traffic and leads from your shared links


Replug lets you drive traffic back to your site or collect leads by adding your own branded message to any page on the web.

You can promote your product, service, event or anything by embedding a branded call-to-action to any link you share online. This allows you get more return on your shared links.

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Heading growth @ Pulse Q&A

It is the exact tool that I have been looking for. I have been using poplink and pixelme separately, and it has been a pain for me. With replug, it is super smooth to do both the things at once. Most of all it is free (atleast as of now)


Works like a charm. It is a combination of Pixelme and Linkgage. The support is blazing fast too.


Not really a con, but i wouldn't want to switch to a pricing plan, after referring 7 people. If it ever occurs.

The Web Guy

Used this for a while now in conjunction with contentstudio.io and it rocks!!


Simplicity, does what it says and it is free!


Can it get more free?

Entrepenur, Hustler, Growth Hacker
not anymore

Bought it on Black Friday 2017, and the tool has developed further from there.


Works like magic., custom URL with slugs, email-subscription forms on almost any link (requires iFrame page). Excellent support.


Minor glitches, the popup's should have more customization, nothing terribly bad.